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Prologue  : PSP teh scene is almost dead nowadays for known reasons, and we
            were waiting enough... We at Renascene decided to update our db
            with games which are not dumped by any scene team but available
            here and there. Enjoy!

Title     : Grand Theft Auto - Liberty City Stories (Rockstar Classics)
Region    : JPN
Source    : UMD
Game ID   : ULJM-05885

Format    : ISO
CRC32     : 0C2E4159
MD5       : 6DEEAE920EFD43CA6967A8C6914BE585

Dumped by : user of RomShepherd forums, good friend of Renascene

Note      : ...

Greetz    : to all the original dumpers, supporters and friends, and ofc to
            people who are not only asking for links,  but  actively  doing
            real things at
            - COMMUNITY PSN THREAD (
            - &
            - RomShepherd forums

            Personal greetz to ADVANsCEne admin!